Adding Algolia Search to Hugo

What This Post Covers Hi There! If you’re looking for a powerful framework to build your personal or project website in a matter of minutes, Hugo is your guy. However, there’s one little problem - Hugo doesn’t come with a search engine by default. But don’t fret, I’m here to show you how I enabled Algolia search on my Hugo website. Just a quick heads up, this isn’t a comprehensive guide, but rather a post that I created as I was learning how to do this myself.

Calculate Anual Rate Of Return In Python

Hey there! We’re going to work on a challenge together where we’ll be writing a program called The goal of this program is to track the growing amount of an investment over time. We’ll start with an initial deposit, also known as the principal amount. Each year, this amount will increase by a fixed percentage called the annual rate of return. For instance, if we start with a principal amount of $100 and an annual rate of return of 5%, the first year’s increase will be $5.